CoCoBooty Tanning Process


I often hear, “Everyone wanted to know where I’d been”. This is because their CoCoBooty Airbrush tan looks so real!

Airbrush tanning combines the latest advances in sunless tanning solution with state of the art airbrush technology. A very fine mist of sunless tanning solution mists over your body.

The airbrush tanning solution after a few hours will then produce a UV free tan look with or without tan lines. This depends in what you wish to wear during the spray tanning session. A fine mist is what ensures a more even perfect application, and since there is no rubbing of product involved you then avoid streaking or patchiness. The airbrush tan session takes about 10 to 15 minutes per appointment. Allow about 7 minutes for product application to fully dry.




I have 3 locations I can perform your CoCoBooty Airbrush Tan. In Long Prairie I have a Tanning Studio that works great. I also operate out of Ella’s Salon in Alexandria. And of course, I have a mobile Airbrushing Tent, so I can come to your location. Please call me at 320-808-5050 and I can help you determine where the best location will be for you.  



Watch the video below to see some action shots of the Airbrush Tanning process, along with some pictures of my Long Prairie location.


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Shawna Johnson